Buying Used Cisco Network Equipment: What to Look for

Any business within the business world needs to do everything they can to stay competitive and have the network equipment that will help them with this. This is particularly true when it comes to a small or medium sized business. When it is time for these businesses to build or upgrade their network equipment, it is best for them to purchase equipment that is reliable and also cost effective. In order to do this, they need to use a supplier that has quality equipment.

One way for a small or medium sized business to save money when purchasing network equipment is to buy used or refurbished. They are typically quite a bit cheaper than new equipment. It is best to find a provider that will refurbish and test all of the used equipment they sell. They bring the equipment back to nearly new condition and make sure it is working properly and is of high quality through a variety of tests.

Other things to consider when looking for the right supplier of network equipment is whether or not they offer customer support and warranties. Some suppliers offer a warranty for replacement of 18-months. This is more than many suppliers offer for equipment that is new. Certain suppliers will also have your equipment sent overnight and possibly same day to ensure that you have it quickly when you need it. If the equipment you purchased has failed for any reason, it is important to know you will have a replacement quickly.

Any business, no matter the size of it, can have a network that is reliable and will not put them over their budget.