Save Your Business Time and Money with Used Cisco Equipment

A business needs to be prepared for any type of disaster or downtime within their company. Part of this preparation is to have a backup for the network systems that they currently have. Many network managers are looking into using secondary equipment in order to prepare. When purchasing new equipment for a redundancy in systems, it can be quite expensive and typically more than what is budgeted.

Because of how expensive the equipment is, many companies have made the decision to only protect the switches and routers within the core of the network. This leaves the remaining parts of the network, the edge and remote offices, vulnerable if there is ever an outage or major disaster. This type of protection is risky, and although money is saved, if there is an outage at a remote site, it can have an effect on the entire company.

In order to ensure that a company is prepared for a natural disaster or any type of outage, it is important to have a complete redundancy of the network. In order to try and save some money and stay within budget, many companies are turning to refurbished Cisco equipment.

When purchasing refurbished equipment, a company can typically save up to 90 percent of the cost of new equipment. This is a great way for companies to have the redundancy they need while staying within their budget. Some providers of refurbished equipment have a warehouse where they store the equipment making it easy for you to get the items you need quickly.