Wireless Networking Equipment Needed For Your Wireless Network

When you are ready to choose wireless networking equipment for your business, there are numerous options out there for you. Getting a better understanding of what you may need and about the equipment can help you make the choice. The most important piece of equipment that you will need is an Access Point.

Another term that is used for an access point is a base station. The access point is the piece of equipment, called a switchboard, that wirelessly connects all of the different devices within the network to each other and to the entire network. It is important to have an access point in order to run your wireless network properly.

Features That Typically Come With An Access Point

  • Network Switch or Hub - In many companies, there is still a need for PCs to be wired to the network. This is where the Network Switch comes in. It will connect all of these PCs to the network. It is a smart piece of equipment and can improve the speed of traffic on the network.
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or DHCP - Communication within a network can only be done if computers have an address. The DHCP is the piece of the network that will give each computer their address.
  • Network Router - A router will be used for those that want to use one network connection with more than one computer. It uses a broadband modem in order to keep communication between the computers open while connected to the Internet.
  • Printer Server - This will allow different computers to print to the same printer through the network, rather than needing to have a separate printer connected to each computer.
  • Compact Flash card - For those that have pocket PCs or Tablets that need to be connected to the network, this is an important piece to have. It will be used to connect these devices to the network.

Another piece of equipment that is needed is a network interface adapter. This device will help to make sure the computers within your network all communicate as they should.