Equipment Needed for Your Home Network

When you have decided that you would like to build your own personal network, it's important to plan ahead. Taking the time to plan for your personal network will help to save time and money. When you begin to make your plans, you will be able to consider all the things you'll need to have.

Setting up a personal network takes more than just a few computers that you will connect to the internet.

Items To Consider For Your Personal Network

  • Computers
  • WiFi
  • Cables
  • Router
  • Security
  • Firewall
  • Anti-spyware
  • Hard Drive

WiFi or Cabled Network

You'll want to consider whether you will have a wired or wireless network, or maybe both. Typically, the speed of a wired network will be faster than a wireless network, especially if you think you'll be sending large files. If you're going to be using a wired network, will it remain that way or will you be switching to a wireless network at some time. This is going to be the determining factor of whether you'll need a wireless or wired router. If you're planning on having both wired and wireless, you'll want to use a wireless router. Wireless routers have a wired Ethernet hub allowing you to connect the cables needed for a wired network.


From the beginning, you'll want to make sure that your entire network is safe. It's important to consider the security that you will use. You'll want to ensure that the security of your network and router have the most up-to-date firmware. All the computers within your network should have a firewall and anti-spyware in order to protect them.

Hard Drive

All computers have hard drives. But when you have a personal network and need to share the information from each computer, it's important to have a central location for the information to be stored. You'll want to have a hard drive that attaches to the network. They are easy to set up and have a range of space making it easy to find the right one for your network.

Planning is an important step in setting up a personal network. Keep in mind any future plans you may have for your network during the planning stage as well.