Factors to Consider When Buying Used Network Equipment

Used network equipment is becoming more and more popular. Because of this, there has been a growth in the secondary market for used Cisco equipment. There are a great number of companies that are now offering used network equipment from a variety of vendors, including Cisco. But not all of them deliver the same type or level of service as others do. There are some buy used Cisco tips that you should consider before selecting a provider.


  • Be sure you look into the warranties that are offered. Often times when you buy used Cisco equipment for small business or any other business, the original warranty is no longer valid. Any servicing or issues with replacements will need to be handled by the provider. Ask whether or not the provider offers a warranty and what it covers. You should also check into whether or not they will replace or service a piece of equipment that fails.
  • Pay attention to the attitude of the provider while you are working with them. When you are inquiring about quotes on used Cisco network equipment, warranties, and any requirements you have or information you need to know, pay attention to the answers and reactions you receive. The service provider should work with you and recommend the equipment you need according to the information and requirements you give them rather than trying to push unnecessary equipment on you.
  • Determine what type of support you would receive if you were to purchase equipment from them. It is best to find a provider that offers customer and technical support. If you know that you will have assistance after you make the purchase, it is easier to purchase used network equipment from the provider.

It is not only the equipment that companies are looking for. They are also looking to have a good experience with the provider as well as knowing they have customer service and support to fall back on if necessary. Keeping all of these things in mind will ensure that you find a provider that is right for you.