Tips for Buying Used Network Equipment

There are a variety of companies that offer servers for businesses of various IT capabilities and different sizes, whether they are small or large. Often times the servers are purchased as used network equipment because of how resilient they are. This is helpful in allowing a company to stay within their budget for IT. If your business is looking to purchase used network equipment, there are some tips for buying refurbished equipment for your network.

Buy Refurbished Cisco

Refurbished or used network equipment is thoroughly inspected and will perform like it is new, but it will cost much less than new, typically twenty-five percent less. Buying used Cisco is a great way to get the equipment that a business needs while staying within budget.

Select a Seller that Will Give a Lifetime Warranty

Most of the refurbished equipment sellers will offer a thirty, sixty, or ninety day warranty, but the best sellers will offer a lifetime warranty to back up their used equipment. A business can save themselves thousands of dollars when having a lifetime warranty on the necessary hardware.

Select a Seller that Will Give Technical Support Before and After the Sale

Having technical support before the sale is beneficial in helping you find the components that you will need. Technical support after the sale is beneficial in giving a business the help they may need in troubleshooting any issues they may have, setting up the configurations for the equipment, and much more. The best sellers will often offer both a lifetime warranty and technical support before and after the sale.

Select a Seller that Will Perform Asset Disposition

When you have a seller that will dispose of your hardware, the process of replacing it is made a little easier. The seller may also be interested in purchasing your old hardware, giving you the opportunity to make a little money from it. When you are replacing your old hardware, disposing of it is a part of the process. Finding a seller that will take care of it for you will save you additional money.

Carefully Check into the Reputation of the Used Network Equipment Seller

There are three steps that should be taken when looking into a seller's reputation.

  • Check into at least four references from previous customers. The seller should receive positive feedback.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau, or BBB, to verify the record of the seller. The seller should have a clean record with the BBB and not have any issues that have been left unresolved.
  • Check into the recent history of the seller. Make sure the history of their business has been successful for the past couple of years.

Consult With an IT Consultant

If you are unsure of what used network equipment will be the best for your business, consult with an IT Consultant. Purchasing the wrong equipment will add unnecessary cost to your company.

Refurbished equipment will be as reliable as and perform as well as new equipment. Making the choice to purchase used network equipment will help save your business money no matter how big or small it is and what the IT needs are.