What is Network Equipment and 17 Steps to Refurbish It

Most people that own a company know the answer to the question, what is network equipment. Network equipment are tools that are necessary in making any business run. In order for a company to be able to access the internet, share information and data, and much more, network equipment is needed.

Any seller of used Cisco equipment will claim they do everything necessary to test the products you buy. In order to be sure that their statements are true, there are 17 steps that should be taken.

  1. A piece of equipment should be thoroughly inspected to ensure no damage was caused in the shipping and handling.
  2. The serial numbers located internally and externally need to match. All of the markings and labels that are meant to be on the device need to be there. Any device that is found to not have these things needs to be returned to the original seller.
  3. Knowing the answer to what is network equipment is beneficial in being able to identify whether or not tamper stickers have been broken. If they are, the device needs to be opened and thoroughly inspected to ensure that everything inside is still intact and everything looks as it should.
  4. If there are any screws missing or minor damage that can be repaired, this should be done as well.
  5. The different types of network devices need to be turned on and run at the different voltages that it is capable of to make sure it is running as it should.
  6. The latest diagnostic software needs to be install on the devices and tested to be sure they are working properly.
  7. Before diagnostics is performed on network equipment, is should be warmed up to temperatures that are normal within typical daily operations. This can help determine whether or not there are any thermal problems with the devices.
  8. If diagnostic testing is able to be done on the network equipment, this should be completed. These results should then be copied and kept with the device when they are purchased. Those that are not sure of exactly what is network equipment may need help with reading these results.
  9. In order to ensure that connectors, slots, and power receptacles are properly working, any empty chassis should be brought to capacity.
  10. All modules, hot swappable cards, and power supplies need to be tested to make sure they are working properly.
  11. All ports of a network switch should be tested to be sure they perform at their peak.
  12. Fail over tests should be completed for any redundant system.
  13. To ensure that all refurbished equipment for your network operates correctly, they need to be configured and tested.
  14. After diagnostics and testing has been passed, the equipment should be cleaned and prepared for stock.
  15. Before shipping any device, it should be rechecked to ensure accuracy.
  16. Knowing what is network equipment is helpful in verifying whether a device from stock needs to be updated with operating systems and whether additional diagnostic tests should be run.
  17. Before anything is shipped, they should be packaged in boxes that are professional and designed to keep the product safe during shipping.

With all of the steps that are being taken, you can rest assured the equipment you buy will be operating like new.