Tips for Buying Used Hardware - Servers

Servers are available for a business of any size and with any type of IT capacity. Whether the business is a large business with IT needs that are high-ranged or a small business with IT needs that are low-ranged, you will be able to find a server that is best for your company. Servers are a type of technology that are extremely resilient. This is why it is so easy for them to be purchased used. You can be assured that even though they have been used, they will continue to work for you like new. This helps you get the quality equipment you are looking for without the high cost of buying new. If your company is looking at buying servers, there are some tips for buying used hardware you should keep in mind.

How to Buy Refurbished Equipment

Equipment that has been refurbished has been looked over and tested to ensure that it will perform like a new piece of equipment. The best thing about refurbished is that you can typically purchase it and save a lot off of what new equipment will cost. You can build your network with equipment that is refurbished and stay within your budget.

Other tips for buying used hardware equipment will help you decide who to buy used network equipment from.

Find a Reseller that Offers a Lifetime Warranty

The majority of the resellers will offer their customers either a thirty or ninety day warranty on the equipment that is purchased. But the very best resellers will give their customers a lifetime warranty on the purchased equipment. The importance of having a lifetime warranty is because of the cost that comes with replacing certain components. It can often be just as expensive or even more expensive than just buying the hardware that contains the component.

Find a Reseller that Provides Technical Support Before and After a Sale

Technical support that is offered before a sale is helpful in being sure you buy the right equipment for your business. Technical support that is offered after a sale will make sure your equipment works as it should and is there to answer any questions you may have about it. You will often be able to find a reseller that offers both a lifetime warranty and the technical support you are looking for.

Find a Reseller that Performs Asset Disposition

The next of the tips for buying used hardware makes it easier on you when you are buying equipment. When you purchase equipment, you will need to dispose of the old equipment. When you find a reseller that will take the old equipment off your hands, you will not need to worry about disposing of it. The reseller may even buy the old equipment from you and refurbish it to resell it.

Research the Reseller and Assess Their Reputation

These tips for buying used hardware provide you three different ways you can assess the reseller.

  • Ask the reseller for customer references, and talk to at least four of them. Make sure the customers have positive things to say about the reseller.
  • Go to the Better Business Bureau, or BBB, website in order to check their record. Ensure there are no issues that have been left unresolved.
  • Check into the recent history of the reseller's business. The reseller should have at least two years of successful business history.

These tips for buying used hardware will help you determine which reseller is the best one to buy from.

Use a Consultant if Necessary

If you are unsure of exactly what equipment would work best for your business, take the time to meet with a consultant. If you choose the wrong equipment, it will add more unnecessary cost to your company.

Buying refurbished servers will give your company the quality equipment you need at just a fraction of the cost. Using these tips for buying used hardware will help give you the best ways to find the reseller and equipment that is best for your company.