Why Buy Used Network Equipment - Something Businesses Should Explore

Businesses within the U.S. have been doing everything they can to cut their costs since the second half of 2008. They have been outsourcing, downsizing, eliminating different benefits for their employees and more in order to reduce their costs and try to remain profitable. But with the business world being what it is today, technology is one of the most important things that a company must have in order to stay running. How can a company stay current with the technology they need while staying within their budgets?

Consider Purchasing Used Network Equipment

It can be extremely expensive to make an investment in all of the equipment that is necessary for a business to run, such as switches and routers among various other pieces of equipment. The question, why buy used network equipment, may come into mind when looking into purchasing equipment for your business. Over the past twenty years or so, the business of used or refurbished network equipment has evolved. Because of this, there are many businesses that look into the option of purchasing network equipment. Even though some have been concerned with the issue of licensing, businesses have realized that there is a great opportunity to save some money when buying used equipment.

In What Ways Can You Utilize Refurbished Equipment?

When you consider the question why buy used network equipment, many businesses have been cautious about using refurbished equipment because of the risk of the hardware failing, but there are programs available that have been able to greatly reduce this risk. Businesses no longer need to pay for an annual maintenance contract. Businesses can purchase equipment that have been pre-configured and ready to use in the event there is a malfunction.

If your business is looking for spare equipment or their primary equipment, refurbished is a great way to go. There are benefits of equipment for your network being refurbished. One is the cost savings for your business. Another is the benefit of helping the environment by reducing the e-waste.

What Have Some Businesses Been Concerned With When Purchasing Used Equipment?

When you think of why buy used network equipment, you typically want to think of the positive, but it is good to know the concerns some have had with it as well. There are usually three different things that can be of concern; the quality and reliability, the risk of becoming obsolete, and the warranties and maintenance.

Quality and Reliability

When people think of something that has been used, it gives the impression that the item is of lower quality. But when it comes to used network equipment, once it has been refurbished, it will work as well as a new piece of equipment. The majority of the parts within network equipment do not move, so there is a low chance that it will fail. Especially when you work with used network equipment buyers that have a proven reputation, the reliability will not be an issue.

Risk of Becoming Obsolete

Why buy used network equipment? Although you may be worried that as quickly as technology changes if you buy used equipment it will already be obsolete, this is not true. Even though technology is always changing and new equipment is always coming out, the thought of keeping up with these always changing times can be quite expensive. Not only would you need to purchase the always changing equipment, but you would need to ensure that the time and money is spent on training all of the employees on the new equipment. The equipment that is being put this year or a few years ago out will last for years to come.

Warranties and Maintenance

Another reason to buy used network equipment are the maintenance and warranties. Some manufacturers will refuse to cover equipment that is sold as used or refurbished equipment in order to intimidate business owners into buying new, but many reputable resellers will offer warranties and maintenance contracts at a price that is much lower than the manufacturer's.