Using Asset Recovery as a Strategic Corporate Advantage With Used Network Equipment

In today's business environment, the only thing that really stays consistent is that things are always changing. In order to keep up with the always changing technology and changes within the businesses, such as downsizing, mergers, relocations, expansions, and so on, it is important for a business to continuously upgrade their equipment. In doing this, many businesses have a stock pile of outdated networking equipment that is not needed.

All of this used network equipment is usually overlooked and given a value much lower than it should have even though it often still works like new. CIOs and IT managers can use their business sense and make some extra revenue for their business by selling used network equipment. Selling used cisco will eliminate the need to pay for storing the unused equipment. While it is ideal to sell cisco network equipment, it is not something that comes without any risks. Setting the equipment up on auction sites such as eBay, is a process that has its challenges and will take time, resources, and supervision.

An alternative is to have an asset recovery provider who has proven themselves in the industry of buying and selling used equipment. Leading companies in asset recovery are always looking to add high quality products to their inventory that they can then resell. This is because these companies have a customer base that is global and consistently looking to buy used cisco equipment, such as switches, access servers, routers, and IP telephony products.

Leading providers are assisting businesses in getting back as much money for their excess products by offering expanded asset recovery programs. By using the secondary network equipment market, businesses have an approach that is both fast and efficient in getting a return on investments they had made but are no longer using. The providers also offer various support services in order to make the process run smoothly. Other programs that are offered include consignment and trade-in programs along with asset exchanges for products with the same value.

Specialists are available to work with businesses on these used network equipment recovery programs. They are experts on used cisco equipment for small businesses and all businesses alike. They will be able to use their knowledge in order to accurately assess the condition and value of the used products. They will also ensure that everything is done correctly when it comes to uninstalling, packing, and shipping the used network equipment. The majority of the top providers will respond quickly by coming to the location that the equipment is stored at and completing a thorough assessment and inspection. They will then give a written quote within 24 hours.

Seeing the amount of money that can be gained from selling used network equipment can also give businesses the push they need to upgrade to new Cisco equipment. When businesses look at the cost difference in taking a loss on the used equipment or being able to receive credits for a trade-in, they are finding that they are able to make some upgrades on their equipment that are often much needed.

By receiving a good amount of money for their used network equipment, they are able to purchase new equipment for their network while staying well under budget. This allows them to use the extra money for things the business needs.