Tips for Buying Refurbished Network Equipment for the First Time

When companies begin to look for hardware equipment at a price that is affordable, it is becoming increasingly popular to choose servers that have been refurbished. Servers can be used by almost any company to meet the requirements they have for their network and are available in tower, blade, and rack models. When any company decides that they would like to purchase refurbished equipment, they need to be sure they are aware of how to buy refurbished equipment, what they need to look for, and who to buy used network equipment from. Going through these tips for buying refurbished network equipment will help you ensure you get the right equipment for your company.

Determine how old the equipment is.

When you are looking to build your network with equipment that is refurbished, it is important to know how old it is and whether or not the equipment is obsolete. Although it is ok for you to have equipment that is not being produced anymore, you need to be sure you will still be able to get replacement parts for it. If the piece of equipment you are looking at buying is obsolete, there is a chance that you will not be able to easily find replacement parts for it.

Determine the failure and return rate of the seller.

Out of the tips for buying refurbished network equipment, this is one that is quite important. When a piece of equipment is sold and then fails and needs to be returned, this is considered a fail and return for the seller. The average percent for a reseller of refurbished equipment is approximately twelve percent, but there are some sellers with a percent that is less than ten percent. The lower this rate is, the better chance you have of purchasing equipment that is not going to fail. While you are doing your research, look for the lowest rate possible.

Look for a seller that offers an extended warranty.

Although you may find a seller with a low rate of fail and returns, it does not guarantee that the equipment you purchase will work as it should. This is why the tips for buying refurbished network equipment includes finding a seller that offers a lifetime warranty. This will help to give you the peace of mind that even if the equipment does not work, you can have it fixed without having to pay for it. A large number of resellers will offer a short term warranty, such as a thirty-day, ninety-day, or even a year, but these warranties do not give you the same peace of mind that a lifetime warranty does.

Determine what kind of technical support you will need.

Finding the right equipment for your business will take an IT professional's assistance. If you do not have anyone on staff within your company, you may need some help from the seller. You may also need some assistance in getting your network equipment set up. Look for a seller that offers both pre- and post-sale technical support. This will give you someone to help you choose the equipment that is best for your company that will be able to help you get the equipment set up as well. You would also be able to save some money if you need to hire an IT technician to help you with the installation.

Check into asset disposition.

It is important to have a plan to dispose of the equipment that you currently have. Within the tips for buying refurbished network equipment, you will find that there are sellers out there that will dispose of this equipment for you. They will typically purchase it from you and refurbish it in order to sell it.

Purchasing refurbished equipment is a great way for any company to save some money. When you are looking to buy refurbished for the first time, it is best to follow the tips for buying refurbished network equipment.