Why Buy Used Network Equipment - 10 Reasons

There are many different pieces of equipment that typically make up a network, including switches, firewalls, routers, memory, VoIP, modules, and wireless products. When you buy all of these different pieces of equipment, it can add up to be a significant expense. There are some business owners that want to have a guarantee and this is why they purchase new equipment, but other business owners prefer to save money and buy used equipment for this reason. Although you may be considering purchasing new equipment, there are numerous reasons why buy used network equipment.

  1. You will likely save between fifty and ninety percent of what new equipment would cost you. This is one of the greatest benefits of equipment for your network being refurbished or used.
  2. The customer service that you will receive from network equipment resellers is typically better than buying a new product. When you have questions or need service, you will have someone to talk to without being charged for technical support.
  3. You may be concerned with not getting a warranty when purchasing used equipment, but the good resellers offer warranties that are comparable to the warranties that are offered by manufacturers.
  4. When you buy equipment that is used, there is a chance that it was never actually used. Once a box has been opened, the piece of equipment is considered used. Before you buy used equipment, you can research in order to determine how many companies have owned it previously. This is a great reason for the question, why buy used network equipment.
  5. Used network equipment buyers take the time to test all of the equipment before they try to resell it. This helps to ensure that it is in ideal working condition.
  6. Buying used network equipment is a great green choice for your company. Electronic equipment that ends up in a landfill can be a threat to the environment and wildlife due to the hazardous materials that it contains.
  7. When making the practical decision to save the company some money by purchasing used equipment, you will receive the praise that is deserved.
  8. In order to make sure you have all of the networking solutions you need, resellers carry a wide variety of products and solutions.
  9. Cisco equipment is not something that needs to be purchased as new. It can be compatible with other equipment at a lower cost.
  10. The money that has been saved can be used to increase moral by giving the employees a surprise bonus. This will help increase the productivity of the employees as well.

Although there are many, these are the tops reasons why buy used network equipment.