Asset Recovery & Technical Liquidation

Surplus networking equipment can be decommissioned, manufacturer excess, overstock and obsolete inventory that sits idle losing value as each day goes by. It can also be a project gone wrong where equipment has been purchased and is no longer needed.

Surplus can come from a business stuck with shelved product and customer returns. Excess equipment can come from a fortune 500 company downsizing, going through bankruptcy or just simply upgrading.

T3 Systems, Inc. (T3) provides networking hardware asset recovery services for corporations that have one location or hundreds. We offer business class asset recovery solutions and sales of surplus networking equipment, hardware, servers, phones and other various equipment. Asset recovery services include cataloging (serial numbers), testing, data removal, managing eWaste and condition reporting. Our asset recovery specialists make the equipment removal process quick and profitable for our selling customer. Convert surplus, excess and retired networking equipment into cash. T3 buys truckloads of used routers, switches, VoIP, wireless, used servers, and other networking equipment.

T3 Systems, Inc. is your choice for Asset Recovery & Technical Liquidation services.

  • ROI/Cash. T3 offers the highest market values paid in the industry for remarketable equipment from Cisco, Extreme, Juniper, HP and other networking equipment vendors.
  • Warehouse. Eliminate the cost of storing excess, outdated or used networking equipment.
  • Confidence. T3 provides expert support to assess inventory value, uninstall, pack and ship your equipment. Choose the level of service you need to make your asset recovery process cost-effective and hassle-free.

Getting started is simple.

  • Send us a list of your excess inventory for market valuation. A T3 representative will respond to provide a fair market assessment and estimate for your equipment.
  • T3's Professional Assessment Team will perform a complete inspection to determine actual condition and confirm market value. T3 will pay shipping on all equipment purchased.
  • With the inspection completed, T3's Professional Assessment Team will provide an Inventory Assessment Report detailing condition and value of your equipment.
  • Choose to sell your equipment to T3, and after the equipment is tested, you will be paid promptly in cash or with a credit memo that can be used immediately to purchase other equipment or applied to your T3 account for future use.