Cisco Refurbished Networking Equipment: What are the benefits?

Purchasing network equipment for your company will leave you with the choice of purchasing new or used. While most companies may think the best way to purchase their Cisco network equipment is new, there are many benefits of buying used network equipment that has been refurbished.

1. Saving Money
Purchasing refurbished Cisco network equipment will cost much less than purchasing new. You get all of the benefits of the Cisco network equipment but at a much lower price.

2. Performs Like New
The process of refurbishing network equipment will restore it to its original condition. All of the parts that may have been compromised during its previous use will be restored so it is like new.

3. No Performance Issues Due to Previous Use
With any network equipment that has been previously owned, there are always concerns that it may malfunction because of oxidation, built up dust, or even just abnormal wear from use. When purchasing Cisco equipment that has been refurbished, all of the parts in the product are inspected to ensure that none of these issues exist.

4. Appears to be New
Refurbished Cisco hardware is not only cleaned up and made to look like new on the inside, it looks like new on the outside as well. You get all the benefits of network equipment that looks like new at a refurbished price.

5. Good for the Environment
Buying refurbished products help to make sure that less network components will get into the landfills. This helps to cut down on waste and is a good green practice for any company.