MaxCell Innerduct


MaxCell a flexible, multi-celled fabric innerduct solution that provides cable pathway functionality at a fraction of the cost, labor, energy, space and carbon emissions versus rigid hdpe innerduct. MaxCell reduces the number of conduits required for new construction and eliminates the need for additional conduit in overlay applications. Plus, it enables incremental cable deployment to match system requirements as they change.

Over 200 million feet of MaxCell innerduct have been successfully installed around the globe. More space. More productivity. More green. The most sustainable innerduct.

MaxCell offers a wide range of fabric innerduct products for the OSP and Premise markets. These products are designed with our customers’ needs in mind and are engineered for use in even the most difficult of applications.

MaxCell comes in a variety of sizes and configurations – all tailored to maximize your network structure. And with a complete line of complementary Installation and Termination accessories, they can provide a total package to make your network installation a breeze.

MaxCell 2012 Brochure

MaxCell Rell Sizes and Weights