1000BASE-LX/LH SFP transceiver module for MMF and SMF, 1300-nm wavelength, dual LC/PC connector

The GLC-LH-SM is a Small Form-Factor Pluggable or SFP Interface Converter. It is an input/output device that will plug into the port or slot of a Gigabit Ethernet. This piece of equipment can be interchanged with a variety of different products. It can also be mixed with products such as 1000BASE-BX10-D/U, 1000Base-SX, and 1000Base-ZX.

The GLC-LH-SM is a piece of equipment that is used to increase the connectivity of a network as well as being used to upgrade systems. When you are looking for this type of equipment, it is best to get assistance from an expert. They have the knowledge that will be helpful with making sure you get the equipment that is best for you and your needs. A merchant that is certified can also be helpful in providing you with information about the equipment and can help you make the choice for the equipment you need.