Refurbished IT Equipment - A Great Way to Stretch Your Dollars

The IT department in any company is extremely complex. There is so much going on and so many things within a company that rely on the IT department and all of the technology it handles. With all of the pieces of equipment that are used, it is also an expensive part of any company. Anyone that runs an IT department can tell you how difficult it can be to look over budgets with management or owners and try to justify why the department needs the amount of money they do for equipment.

Another issue that IT managers and professionals have is the always changing and improving technology. Advancements in technology are great, but how quickly it changes can be a problem for any company. There are always new pieces of equipment that come out to replace the equipment that you already have. This is the way it has been for decades.

Back when companies had large and expensive mainframes, they thought they were set. Then with the advancement of the equipment, these companies began to change with the technology updates. But purchasing all of these new pieces of equipment quickly began to add up. Then networks came about, which was a great advancement and gave companies more modern capabilities, but this too became another costly investment.

"The network IS the computer", is a statement that was once made by Sun Microsystems. Although they were a little ahead of the time with that statement, it is a statement that has come true. The hardware that is necessary for computers have dramatically decreased in terms of expense. In the past, you could get a 32MB memory board, but it would cost $20,000. Now you can go on eBay and possibly find a 32MB memory board for just a few dollars. We have watched the price of laptop computers, servers, PCs, and PDAs continue to decrease. Although all of these things have decreased in price, an IT department's budget either stays the same or has gotten larger. The reason for this is how expensive the network equipment is and continues to be.

The progress in network technology continues to advance and the costs continue to climb. The equipment that is necessary are not just computers. An entire infrastructure needs to be created with access servers, routers, bridges, and switches. If your organizations have a need for different types of wireless communications, such as smartphones, the support within the system that is necessary will add complexity to the structure as well as additional cost.

In today's world we are far more reliant on electronic devices for our form of communication. With this being the case, security is something that needs to play a larger part. It is becoming more and more challenging to make sure that all of a company's devices are secure. A company needs to have the best firewall systems and the most current and sophisticated monitoring and tracing systems in order to try and keep their information secure.

What all of these pieces of technology mean to an IT department is increased costs and a budget that could seem to be getting out of hand. Because of all of these increased costs, IT managers and company CEOs have begun looking into using IT equipment that has been refurbished. In order to make sure you get the right equipment for your company, it is important to have an advanced knowledge and understanding of the different types of communications systems, the technology, performance, and capabilities. If not, you could end up with a network that runs slowly, could be incompatible with your existing equipment, and could be easily compromised. Although buying refurbished equipment will save a company money, it is important for you to do your homework. Using a reputable reseller will help you to get the right equipment that will work best for your network. This will help to stretch your budget and allow you to purchase the equipment you need.

When you use refurbished equipment, you will be able to expand or update the network that you currently have for much less than it would take to buy everything new. This is also the case when you are looking to have additional backups or a plan for redundancy. You will have the opportunity to buy the things you need without spending a bundle. Trying to balance the need for current technology with the budget of any IT department becomes a little easier when purchasing refurbished equipment.