Short Term Rentals

For companies needing to fill short-term demands or meet immediate needs with limited capital, T3 offers flexible rental programs for networking hardware such as; routers, switches, IP phones, wireless access points, access gateways, servers, and more.

Our inventory includes new, used and refurbished routers, switches, IP telephony, and security products from Cisco, Extreme, Juniper, HP and other leading manufacturers.

Why Rent Networking Equipment

    • Compare Manufacturers Equipment
    • Software development projects
    • Training classes and seminars
    • Avoid technical obsolescence
    • Seasonal business fluctuation
    • Short-term contract projects
    • Hold on to working capital
    • Temporary site offices
    • Trade Shows

Advantages of Renting Networking Equipment

    • Avoid technical obsolescence
    • Low payments
    • Hold on to working capital
    • Rent to own