Types of Networking Equipment Used in Numerous Industries

Networking is a way of linking computers so the information each user has can be accessed by others. It is important to have a central location for information to be stored and for the necessary users to have access to it when they need it.

Creating a network or expanding it requires communication equipment. Depending upon the specific needs, there are firewalls, Ethernet switches, digital media devices, and power protection that are used to meet the needs of the users. In order for a network to work as it should, there needs to be an exchange of signals and all of these items, along with others, play their parts. There are different pieces of equipment that are necessary in making any network operate correctly.


Routers are used to direct information from one location to another. This piece of equipment is what powers the Internet. In order for this equipment to operate correctly, there are two planes that are used. The first is the control plane. This is where the proper interface needs to be acquired in order for the information to be passed along to its destination. The second is the forwarding place. This is where the information will go to be processed and then sent on.

Network Switches

This piece of equipment is used to bring the different parts of the network together. You can think of it as a bridge. It will process the data that is being sent and route it to the central location. There are different types of switches that can be used for a network as well. Switches that are available are either single layer or multilayer. Depending upon the requirements that are needed, several modular interfaces may be used. This is typical for commercial use.

Network-attached Storage

This equipment stores the data that is used by the network. It gives clients access to the data that is needed. Along with the storage of the various files and filing systems, it also manages several computer functions.


The server is a mix of software and hardware that is created to provide better service to those that use it. A server does not have to be a large group of computers, it can be a single computer when it is using a server operating system. In terms of a server being a hardware device, it is required to keep a variety of software applications running.

All of the different pieces of network equipment have their own role to play in the network of a computer. They can be used within industries or residences in order to make things easier.