Used Network Equipment: Is it Right For Businesses?

U.S. businesses have always been conscience of the costs within their companies and work to ensure they remain profitable. They have always had to do everything they could to cut costs, including outsourcing work, downsizing their business, and eliminating certain employee benefits. Although they need to cut costs and remain profitable, they also need to stay current on the always changing technology.

But how are businesses going to stay profitable and still be able to update their technology when needed?

Used Network Equipment May Be the Answer

Investments in technology, such as networking equipment, switches, and routers, among other technology, can be quite expensive. In order to cut the costs of this type of equipment, businesses can look into the options of purchasing used equipment. Products such as firewalls, access points, routers, switches, and more can be found at a discounted rate. When working with a reputable dealer, businesses are able to save a large amount of money.

The cost savings that come with purchasing refurbished equipment is a great benefit to any business. Another great benefit is helping to reduce the amount of e-waste by purchasing equipment that has been refurbished because it is no longer needed or wanted by another company.

When a business is looking into purchasing used equipment, there are a few things they may be concerned about, such as the reliability or quality of the hardware, obsolescence of the hardware, and warranties or maintenance of the hardware.

Reliability and Quality of Used Hardware

When you think of the term "used", it makes you think of something that has been previously owned and often times does not have the same quality as it did when it was new. Because of this, businesses that are looking to purchase used equipment begin to think about how reliable the hardware will be when it has been previously used. Networking equipment does not have moving parts, with the exception of fans for cooling. For this reason, the equipment has an extremely low risk of failure. This is especially true when the products are purchased from a proven reseller.

Obsolescence of Used Hardware

With how quickly technology advances, another concern about purchasing used equipment is that it may become obsolete. Although there is consistent updates to technology and newer equipment coming out, it does not mean that the equipment that was new last year or two years ago is no longer good enough. With the amount of time and money that it costs to have staff trained on new equipment and technology, it is often not cost effective to upgrade equipment as soon as the newest equipment comes out. Resellers have realized that there is a need for a company to update their network. This is why many resellers have worked to create trade-in programs that will help to compensate any buyer that is looking to upgrade while still keeping a reasonable price.

Warranties or Maintenance of Used Hardware

Over the last few years, fear tactics have been used by major equipment manufacturers to try and prevent businesses from purchasing equipment that is used. The manufacturers have refused to cover used hardware that is purchased. Service contracts that are purchased from major manufacturers are expensive. This is the reason that resellers have chosen to create service contracts of their own. They are much cheaper making them an even better choice for businesses.