What Does a Managed Service Provider Do for a Business?

A managed service provider offers technical assistance, PC security monitoring, IT services, and remote data backup. Often times a managed service provider will maintain the business's websites and manage their web hosting. These services would otherwise be completed by in-house staff.


The cost for this staff could fluctuate depending on the work that needs to be completed as well as all of the costs of benefits, insurance, etc. When using a managed service provider, they bill the business on a monthly basis with a fixed amount for the services they are providing.

Managed service providers will make sure that all of the information on the business's website is safe in the event that the site crashes. They backup all the data that is on the website including any information of customers that visit the website to preserve the business's client list. The website will also be monitored 24-7 in order to maintain the security and ensure there are no breaches threatening the safety of the website and its content.

Other tasks that are commonly taken care of by a managed service provider includes network management, remote access, firewall management, managing servers, scanning the website for any areas that are vulnerable, and making sure emails and messages are secured. A group of IT staff would be needed by any company to complete all of the things that are provided by a managed service provider.

When a managed service provider is hired by a business, they focus their time on ensuring that the business's services run smoothly. This allows for the business to focus their attention on other things, such as their staff, growing their business, and providing high quality customer service. The managed service provider will make sure that the business's website is secure and that everything is functioning as it should. This will help the business's customers have a good experience and continue to return.